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About this time last year Chris Sigrist and I became serious about starting an electrical contracting service. We saw a need for professional, highly skilled electrical contractors that are dedicated to the growth of its team and service to its clients. In the spring of last year we were fortunate enough to partner with Cole Sandridge to form Ripley Electric. Since then Ripley Electric has been providing service for clients of Ripley Beckman and yours truly has been the lead electrician. I have been pleasantly surprised by what the last 30 years or so have taught me about being and residential electrician. I am very grateful for the help and support that I have received since then.

Last summer we began searching for electricians that we felt would form a strong foundation for an excellent electrical contracting company so that we could serve the wider community. A company that meets the high demands of clients that we already know and will meet, as well as helps our team grow into excellent electricians and contractors.

When Sean Everett sent us his resume last month we were quite interested. We had a great time getting to know about his approach and future goals and I am very glad that he has joined us. We share the goal of meeting less experienced electricians and helping them along the path of beginner, helper, electrician, lead electrician, project manager and contractor just as we look forward to helping Sean along this path.

If you are or know a good person who already loves or is interested in residential electrical please get in touch with me or pass this onto your friends. We welcome anyone along the way from beginner to contractor.

If you have any electrical contracting needs please call me, Chris, Cole or Sean directly or call the office at 434-365-0233.

For General Contractors: Our intention is to support people like Sean in their careers and movement towards being great electrical contractors on their own. We will keep our General Contracting work separated from the Electrical sub-contracting work by putting the electricians like Sean in the lead.

Thanks for reading, Doug Zink

February 2021

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