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Ripley Electric is a electrical contracting company driven by the needs of residential clients. General contractors and homeowners can count on us for expertise, communication, reliability and a level of quality and workmanship that’s second to none.


A note from company founder Doug Zink:


Dear Friends and Future Friends,

Last year Chris Sigrist and I starting getting serious about starting a residential electrical contracting company. As contractors who specialize in residential remodeling and renovation, we saw a need for professional, highly-skilled electrical contractors who focus on residential work and enjoy the challenges inherent to working on older homes.

We were fortunate to partner with Cole Sandridge and formed Ripley Electric. We began searching for a lead electrician, someone with the ability and character to be the backbone of an excellent electrical contracting service. When Sean Everett sent us his resume, we knew we’d found someone special.

We’ve had a great time getting to know about Sean’s approach and future goals, and I am very glad that he has joined us. Sean shares our goal of teaching and learning as he trains the next generation in the trades. Certainly, Chris and I are looking forward to helping Sean grow along the path from lead electrician to contractor.

A note to other general contractors: In addition to providing a fantastic service to our clients, our intention is to support people like Sean in their careers. We keep our general contracting work separate from the electrical sub-contracting work. Chris and Cole will be pricing the jobs, and Sean will be the one in the lead and on the job.

If you have any electrical contracting needs please call 434-365-0233, or call me, Chris, Cole or Sean directly.

Thanks for reading,

Doug Zink

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